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[For extra clarity: CUCUG is not directly involved with either the MAE, CU Amiga, Epson or Amiga, Inc., but as the news agency which wrote and released this story, their original contact information is retained here. -Jason]

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September 6, 1997

Amiga Inc. To Host Official Developers Conference at MAE

We are very pleased to announce that South Dakota-based Amiga Inc., will be hosting its first-ever official Developers Conference at the The 1997 Midwest Amiga Exposition (MAE) which will be held in Columbus, Ohio on November 1 and 2. The show is produced by the Amiga Central Ohio Network (AMICON) user group and will be attended by many Amiga software and hardware companies, Amiga industry luminaries and promises to be a very positive shot in the arm for the entire Amiga community.

Darreck Lisle, Amiga Inc.'s Public Relations and Events Coordinator told CUCUG, "The Developers Conference at the MAE show is actually just the first of a series of international conferences Amiga Inc. will be sponsoring. We recognize the importance of effective communication and cooperation between software and hardware makers and the new Amiga development team here at Amiga Inc. and we are putting together an ambitious program to facilitate an effective exchange of ideas and information."

Additional conferences are now planned for Cologne Germany, Milan Italy, St. Louis Missouri, and London, according to Lisle.

Amiga Developers Network Planned

CU Amiga Magazine announced today that it was contacted by Amiga Inc. and asked to assist in building a database of Amiga developers. Serious Amiga developers are being encouraged to register at the CU Amiga web site for possible, later contact by Amiga Inc. A Registered Developers Network will at some point be put together by Amiga Inc., according to Lisle who also went on to say, "The Industry Council Open Amiga (ICOA) will play a big part in the future of the Developers Conferences, and the Developers Network."

Epson Supports the Amiga

In another bit of promising Amiga news, Lisle told CUCUG, "The people at Epson have agreed to work with us and to supply us with everything needed to develop software and drivers to support their full line of printers and scanners." This unexpected announcement will come as a relief to the many Amiga users who have been frustrated by the lack of Amiga driver support for popular peripherals in the past.

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