Haage And Partner August News Update

The Graphics World Of ArtEffect

Following the recent successful debut of ArtEffect 2 in June, we are now pleased to introduce two new special effect packages to extend its' power. PowerEffects 2 offers a variety of outstanding effects like LensFlares, Lightning and FishEye. The new PowerUP Effects package offers a great performance boost for users of PowerUp boards by Phase5. This is also the first commercial Amiga application that takes advantage of the incredible speed of these RISC based cards.

ArtEffect 2.0

Version 2 of ArtEffect has been completely revised. We have built on the innovative concepts which were introduced in version 1.0, and have added many new features, e.g. Layers, ARexx and multiple Undo/Redo.

ArtEffect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is a new FAQ section on the homepage of ArtEffect with helpful answers to often asked questions. You are also able to submit your own questions here regarding ArtEffect.

ArtEffect Mailing List

A new ArtEffect mailing list has been setup as an open forum for questions and discussion. It is also a good place to voice your wishes for future releases of ArtEffect.

New PowerEffects for ArtEffect

Nine (9) sensational new effects are included in PowerEffects 2. Besides FishEye, Patchwork, FalseColor, Pointize, HalfTone and Crystalize; the highlights are certainly: Lightning and LensFlares.

Need for Speed: PowerUP Effects

Are you looking for some really fast effects? Then stop here to have a look at the PowerUP Effects. The speed of the PowerUP Effect is mainly based on the PowerPC native version of the plugin.library that handles almost all actions of the plug-ins. So not only the filters of this package will be faster, there is also an increase in speed of every effect, because they all will now use the new PPC plugin.library. Besides this, there are special native versions of the major effects. The PowerUP Effects are 2 to 20 times faster than the normal ones. The PowerUP Effects are the first application that makes use of the enormous power of the PowerUP board of Phase 5.

HAAGE & PARTNER is the leading manufacturer of Development Systems and Applications for the Amiga family of computers. The Storm series (StormC, StormWizard, StormPowerASM) for 68K AmigaOS, PowerPC (PowerUP) and p.OS provide a powerful suite of programming tools. Our latest project, MERAPI, will bring the power of JAVA to the Amiga.

HAAGE & PARTNER is also the developer and/or distributor of several cutting edge applications including: ArtEffect, PowerEffects, EasyWriter, DrawStudio, Tornado3D and NetConnect. Our mission is to provide the Amiga market with the most effective tools and applications possible. It's not enough to just ask: "Where do you want to go?" At Haage & Partner we are harnessing the power of the Amiga to actually help get you there!

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