AnimGIF Plugin for AWeb II 3.0

AnimGIF for the AWeb-II 3.0+ browser

This brandnew plugin adds the possibility to view inlined animated gifs and normal gifs in a progressive manner to the AWeb-II 3.0 browser which has the API plugin system. Version 1.00 is available from the Aminet (comm/www/animgif.lha) and version 1.10 is available from the homepage at

The plugin is shareware, but contains all the functionality of the full version. However you will see a text now and then inside the animations saying it's a demo version. By registering for a low shareware fee you will get the full version sent to you by e-mail. Updates of the plugin will be free and sent to you automatically. See the documentation for full details.

Improvements in version 1.10

o Added support for JavaScript (a new feature in AWeb-II 3.1).
o Better handling of the disposal methods for animated GIF's.
o Better handling of different image sizes for different frames.
o Removed some Enforcer hits.
o Somewhat higher decoding speed.
o Click and go button inside documentation for easy AWeb settings installation.

Future releases

o Full Cybergfx support.
o the PNG (and later on JPEG) formats.
o PowerPC.

Developed by the author of AMIS (text/edit/amis.lha).

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