AmigaZone Face Lift

10 August 1997


The venerable AmigaZone's Web site (, one of the oldest existing Amiga-supporting web sites has just gotten a total redesign!

Our pages now loads faster, because we've split them up a bit into more sub-pages, and we now use tables with a convenient bar of buttons down the left-hand side to take you to its other areas.

However this new site design incorporates even more info than we had before. For example, we now feature tables of our current weekly prize offerings and a listing of recent winners.

We've even included buttons which will automatically launch your favorite Telnet client (once you've configured your browser for it) to let you log right into the Zone's Text-style interface, and another to take you to its members-only web interface (

If you haven't visited the AmigaZone site in a while, well c'mon back and take a look at our fresh new face :-)

(The AmigaZone is an online service for Amiga owners, users and lovers. We've been in business since 1985. We're _fully_ net-connected with Usenet newsgroups, Fidonet "echoes", Amiga mailing lists, email, local message bases, 40,000 files, CD-ROMs online, a text-style interface _and_ a slick Web interface, and live, nightly chats with prize contests. We are hosted by CalWeb Internet Services and $19.95/month gets you total access to everything, 24 hours a day, including your own CalWeb UNIX shell account with 10 meg of storage for your own web site!. Free two-week trial accounts are available to check us out. All details are at

Harv Laser
AmigaZone Sysop

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