Convergence International Web Site

Convergence International, the user and development group dedicated to the support of non-Wintel platforms, has created a free news service summarising the important events occurring in the non-Wintel world.

The index page at gives a run down of the major news items, with specific sections for:

            * Acorn      * Amiga    * Apple
            * ARM        * CHRP     * Network Computers
            * Phase 5    * Psion    * Convergence itself

The pages are updated in the evening on which any newsworthy item is found, and it is possible using our "URL Minder" feature to be notified by e-mail of news updates.

Other features such as a forum for discussing non-Wintel issues, a technical support form, and links to the rest of the site, are provided. If you prefer a no tables version is also available.

WWW:, (no tables version)


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