UltraAccounts 4.3


UltraAccounts 4.3


Richard Smedley
PO Box 59
NG17 3HP



UltraAccounts is a home accounts program which has been designed to make things as simple and easy to use as possible - so that even people who don't know anything at all about keeping accounts (or using computers) should be able to use UltraAccounts without any problems at all.

Features include:
- Multitasking windows. Open and use several different windows at exactly the same time.
- Supplied in English, Francais & Nederlands.
- Multiple accounts & transaction tags.
- Full payslip support, including multiple wage configurations.
- Debit & credit standing orders, and timed transfers. The transactions entered by these timed events can be edited or erased *without* duplicate entries being created.
- Budgeting facilities.
- Common transactions & transfers. Predefine the details of any often-used transactions or transfers, saving you from having to keep retyping those details each time you enter that particular transaction/transfer.
- Reminders. Make sure you don't miss important events, such as birthdays/anniversaries or bills that need paying.
- Pie, bar and line graphs, with optional future projections.
- Encrypted files, optionally password protected.
- Fully configurable export formats.


- The Show/Account etc windows have been redesigned to add some buttons for selecting the Display Options, Date Range, etc.
- The titlebar of the main UltraAccounts window now only displays the "name" part of the current filename, instead of both the name & path.
- The various backup options (and associated tooltypes) have all changed. See the main docs for more info about this.


- Requires: AmigaOS 2.0, 2 meg ram.
- Recommended: AmigaOS 3.0, hard drive, additional memory, and an accelerator.


Available via FTP from Aminet sites.
ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/aminet/biz/misc/ultra4.lha (235012 bytes)


Standard registration fee is 10 Pounds Sterling (or equivalent), with poverty registrations accepted at reduced amounts.


Shareware, unregistered copies are freely distributable.

UltraAccounts is Copyright Richard Smedley 1997

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