Darreck Lisle At User's Meeting

Darreck Lisle, Amiga Inc.'s utility infielder (event coordinator, PR man, and pretty much anything else necessary until a full staff gets hired), spoke last week at an Amiga user group meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Set on the grill, this is the summation of the Q&A session that ensued.

Q: Should we buy AmigaOS 3.1?
A: Yes--you will need the ROMs for the updated AmigaOS anyway.

Q: Is graphics card compatibility going to be built into the next OS release?
A: Yes--some type of RTG standard should be included as well as an AHI-type of standard.

Q: How long should we expect to wait before we see new systems?
A: Probably around a year.

Q: Are there any other enhancements to the Amiga you foresee?
A: Possibly support for the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Q: What is Amiga, Inc.'s position on UAE, the Amiga emulator available for Microsoft and UNIX?
A: The current practice of pirating Amiga ROMs will be cracked down on shortly.

Q: What does Amiga, Inc. think about Java?
A: We would like to see Java in the next OS, but there is still a lot to be done in this area.

Q: Are we going to see any of the current operating system hacks, such as MUI, built into a future AmigaOS?
A: Possibly--however, MUI is too large and bulky to consider making it an integral part of the OS. A TCP stack is a definite possibility.

Q: Will the prices of existing systems be dropped, like say $1000 off the existing A4000T prices?
A: Yes--Amiga motherboards are quite simple in design so cost should reduce, especially after improvements are made to the current design, such as optimization of the existing custom chip set.

Q: Will Amiga, Inc. be coordinating with third parties?
A: Yes--that is one of the main goals of Amiga, Inc.

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