Oliver Wagner And Java

Oliver Wagner is the one-man wrecking crew behind a number of Amiga internet utilities, most notably Voyager, the shareware HTML browser which more than once has been the first to offer new features, beating its commercial counterparts AWeb and IBrowse. Java and Javascript support have been mentioned for the browser in the near future. Below is Wagner's explanation of the situation, taken from the CU Amiga mailing list.

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From Mr. Wagner:

I've been working on the Javascript implementation for quite some time already; actually, all Voyager versions since 2.42 internally have the hooks to the Voyager_JS.VLIB plugin which contains the interpreter and object management parts (those were accidentally left active in 2.70, thus causing Voyager to complain about lack of this library upon hitting <script> tags or event specifications). Those are now disabled for the public releases but are still used internally for testing.

I've also made several statements about upcoming Javascript support in Voyager on the support mailing list, including a recent thorough explanation of the problems which were introduced due to Netscape's latest update to "their" language. If you ever hit Javascript intensive pages with MSIE 3.x, you know what I mean :) (see, for example, http://www.opel.com/). Obviously, we want to support the latest Netscape specs on JS, and are closely following the W3C effort to standardize a web scripting language.

I'm not actually writing the interpreter myself, this is done by someone who prefers to stay unnamed since he fears "When will JS be ready?" mailbox cluttering. However, the interpreter will be an integral part of the Voyager 3 release. Part of the code has been originally developed by Holger 'hkr' Kruse.


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