Dice Compiler Source

From Matt Dillon and Obvious Implementations Corporation (OIC):

I have finally found the time to release the source to the DICE compiler. It's pretty much as-is, I'm sorry to say, but still a pretty good piece of work even now. The release is roughly equivalent to the last commercial release that we (OIC) did.

The core source will compile on the Amiga and can also be compiled on most UNIX platforms. It generates 68000 output and all files are output in the amiga's binary, object, and library file formats. Embedded 68000 support is included, which is basically what I use it for these days.

Sources for the complete system: dcc, dcpp, dc1, das, dlink, and dobj have been released along with a bunch of other stuff. Since I still use DICE for embedded hardware projects, it isn't *totally* obsolete.

The code should easily compile on an Amiga or a FreeBSD box and ought to compile reasonably well on other UNIX boxes. The code can be retrieved from the Obvious Implementations Corp. web site:


I haven't done much work on the Amiga recently. Some of you might have heard that I got caught up in an ISP startup . That was about 3 years ago and I've been working at it ever since. Thank god we don't have to deal with Microcruft NT. It's FreeBSD all the way. I'm doing mostly UNIX work these days... back to my root's, in fact, as I was using BSD 4.2 at UC Berkeley a couple of years before the Amiga came out.

In anycase, DICE is probably my finest piece of code. I hope people get some use out of the core and libraries.


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