Power Solutions

Power Solutions acquires world wide distribution rights for Distant Suns

Winnipeg, MB, August 1, 1997 - Power Solutions has reached agreement with Chaocity to acquire world wide distribution rights for Distant Suns. NTSC and PAL OEM versions of the CD-Rom are available, as well as a floppy disk version. All versions are aggressively priced at $27.75 CAD. Dealer and distribution inquiries are encouraged. Distant Suns is a "Desktop Planetarium", which has won many awards in the past. Power Solutions is a new, Amiga only, Canadian company.



Distant Suns is a virtual planetarium, like having a high powered telescope on your desktop. With Distant Suns, you can display up to 10,000 stars and galaxies, nebula and star clusters. Comes with 25 full screen images and over 200 smaller deep sky images. Displays images in 256 colours on machines with AGA compatability. Animate planets, asteroids and comets as they travel around the sun.

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