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Holy cow!  Issue 9 of The Amiga Informer Magazine is now at the printers
and will be available by the end of August.  It's our biggest issue yet and
we've packed all 48 pages with information that will help every Amigan stay
connected and informed.

Issue 9 has lots of news.  We don't just reprint internet press releases,
but investigate the stories and give you a commentary voice.  You'll find
our lead story covers Amiga licencing and the many new clones becoming
available.  We have an exclusive discussion with Petro Tyschtschenko and a
synapsis of what it all might mean.  There's also an inside story on the
Lotus Pacific licencing flap with Gateway 2000.  In addition, we keep you
up to date on the success of the Industry Council of the Open Amiga and the
newly elected steering committee that is working with Gateway.  Finishing
up the news is an on-hand accounting of the new Siamese System, an in-depth
report on Aurora Development, the open house at National Amiga and a whole
bunch of informative news bytes.

Our regular writers once again bring you their insightful columns.  Brad
Webb goes in-depth on using WBStartup+ to get your system in shape.  Davis
Sprague guides you through "Talk", the real-time terminal to terminal
protocol.  Davis also cuts through the confusion of the many available
compression routines and provides a useful cheat sheet on how to make them
all work.  Oleg Moskalensky, aka Dr.  Amiga, answers several vexing
questions in his new Question and Answer column that will appear in every
future issue.

We've really gone full speed ahead with the reviews too.  You'll find ten
reviews, five summaries and one preview in this issue, including a new Game
Zone section.  Among the products reviewed are PC Task v4.20, Pagemonster,
Electrics, MRBackup and Nemac IV: The Directors Cut.  Our reviews are done
by independent free-lance writers who evaluate and grade products without
interference from The Informer's editors, so you get fair appraisals of all
tested products.

In addition to our numerous product announcements, you'll find a
company profile of DKB, information about ShadowWorks Software,
several handy tips, and numerous listings of dealers, user groups and
dynamite Amiga web sites. In the Action section, you'll find contact
information on Amiga International and NewTek and how you can contact
them and help the Amiga cause. To top it all off, you can find great deals
on used Amiga products in our Marketplace section.

There are several ways you can get your hands on Issue 9 of The Amiga
Informer. You can purchase it at the cover price from one of our many
retailers, hope to get lucky and receive an issue when you buy a product
from one of our few distributors, or you can subscribe. If you choose the
later, you can call toll free 1-888-88-AMIGA to subscribe by Visa or
Mastercard. If you prefer, you can fill out the on-line, no-risk no-obligation
"bill me" form at and we'll send you
an issue.

Either way, you'll find The Informer to be a great source of useful
information and insights. We've been producing issues for over 18 months
and plan to continue doing so well into the future. I hope you'll give us a try.

Thanks for your support,

Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer Magazine