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From Ray Burt-Frost, publisher of OctaMed SoundStudio:

As Teijo is now busy doing the new PC version and we had a lot of gripes
from the few hundred honest Amiga owners about no more new versions for
that platform, we decided that even though all the Amiga versions we have
released previously have been pirated in the thousands, thus making the
years work a total waste of time, we will take a chance just one more time
to see if some honesty will prevail.

So we are in the middle of arranging to have a new version for the Amiga

It will be a long time off though and we can only suggest that you keep any
eye on our web site pages from around mid August for more details on this.

> So , what will be the new features of Octamed soundstudio?
> AHI? Any volume on 16bit samples?

Yes and yes

> Any others?


see our web site Amiga pages from mid
August for more details.
 ( this Amiga page will not be available til mid August )