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We have developed a PCI board with a 68040, 68360 and PCI bridge, running
at 33 MHz and supporting from 1MB to 32MB of DRAM (single SIMM).

It has originally been developed in order to run the proprietary Smaky OS
(PSI-OS) on PCs, thus allowing an easy migration to former Smaky users.

This PCI board (Smaky 400) could be used with other operating systems.
Since the Amiga community is quite an active one, I thought that some of
you might be interested in porting the OS to this board and use it in your

Tests have shown the Smaky 400 to be about 10 times faster than UAE (a
great Amiga Emulator) running on a Pentium Pro 200.

If the emulation is too slow, why not plug real hardware into your PC - the
68040 CPU will turn your PC into a real computer ;-)

Interested?  Visit the Smaky 400 home page for more technical details and
don't hesitate to contact me.