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Sagittarius Software - Amos Compiler Soon Available

This special release of the original Amos compiler is coming to North
America for the very first time.  Capable of creating smaller, faster stand
alone programs, this package comes complete with a printed manual, AmosPro
Updater Disk, Compiler Disk, and the Compiler Extras Disk.

Availability of this title is scheduled for early August.

The package will retail for $29.99 USD / $42.99 CAD.

Pre-order sales are now being processed for the discount price of $25.99
USD / $37.50 CAD.

Our products can be ordered online, by mail, by FAX, or by telephone.  
(Mail orders, please add $2.50 USD / $3.50 CAD to total bill for shipping)

Checks, Money Orders, MC, VISA, and Discover are accepted methods of

Sagittarius Software
1706 Canton Road
Akron, OH  44312
FAX   : 1-330-794-2170 (10am - 6pm EST Mon-Sat)
Phone : 1-800-426-7687