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AmiCON - The Amiga Central Ohio Network is once again proud to host the
Midwest Amiga Exposition.  Last year was the first year ever for this event
and all who were involved we very pleased with the results.  Over 500
people attended the two day event that took place in Columbus, Ohio.  Many
dealers who attended sold out of product in only the first day.  Along with
such companies as Nova Design, Silent Paw Productions, and Wonder
Computers, many Amiga user groups also attended and rented table space to
showcase their talents.  This year we expect close to 1000 people to attend
the event and many more vendors.  We, at AmiCON, would welcome your
attendance at our show this year and sincerely hope that you can fit this
event into your schedule.  Please let us know if you plan to attend as soon
as possible so that we can plan our floor layout or any
training/demonstrations you may be interested in doing.

Thank you for your continued support of the Amiga community.


The Amiga Central Ohio Network

Dates for the show are: Saturday, November 1st, and Sunday, November 2nd. 
The show floor will be open from 10:00am to 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday. 
Companies and user groups renting tables may have access to the facilities
by 9:00am.

The 1997 Midwest Amiga Exposition will be held at the beautiful Concourse
Hotel at Port Columbus Airport.  The Concourse Hotel is at 4300
International Gateway, 43219, 614-237-2515 or 800-541-4574.  Located on the
grounds of Port Columbus International Airport.  Indoor/outdoor pool,
exercise facilities, airport shuttle are also available.

Tickets for the event will be $15.00 the day of the event and $12.00
presale.  Tickets are good for both days of the event.

Table rentals for Vendors & Dealers are $175.00 for the first table and
$125.00 per each additional.  A discounted table rate for Vendors and
Dealers is available (please see "Training/Demonstration Sessions") Table
rentals for Vendors & Dealers include 2 tickets good for admission both
days.  Additional tickets are extra. 

AmiCON feels that showing new products to potential users is of utmost
importance to the Amiga community.  Therefore we have provided a platform
for Vendors and Dealers to accomplish this.  We believe these sessions
should be more than just advertisements.  An informative session where
people interact with the product is an essential, and as such, we have
established a few guidelines:

A discounted rate of $75.00 for the second table (and every table rented
thereafter), is available if the Vendor/Dealer provides show attendees with
a training session in one of our several training areas set up for the
event.  The training demonstration will be no less than 20 minutes in
length and must have prior approval by AmiCON.  To qualify as a valid
session, Vendors/Dealers must provide a format that informs users about new
products and/or provides a step-by-step tutorial about the operation of a
product.  The session must be staffed with presenter, who would be able to
answer questions from the audience about the product.  Slide shows and
video taped demonstrations are welcome, but the session cannot consist of
these items only. 

If you have any questions or concerns about a demonstration you would like
to do, please contact  Please explain your planned
demonstration in detail. 

Please print out and fill-in the form below to purchase tickets or rent
table space.

********************************** begin form ****************************

                     Vendor/Dealer Registration Form for the 
                           1997 Midwest Amiga Exposition

Company/Organization Name:________________________________________________

Contact Name:_____________________________________________________________




Daytime Phone:___________________________Evening Phone:___________________

E-Mail address:___________________________________________________________

             Quantity:           Price:                    Total

*TICKETS:    _______             _____ (@ $12.00 ea.)      ______
*(Table rental comes with two free tickets)

FIRST TABLE:                    $175.00 ($175 for 1st)     ______

EXTRA TABLES:_______            $125.00 (per additional)   ______

(This entitles the Dealer/Vendor a $50.00 discount for each extra table
 ******* Please note: There is no discount for the first table *******

DISCOUNT:   _______             _____ ($50 each xtra tbl)- ______

                                                 SUBTOTAL: ______

                                                    TOTAL: ______
Please include a check or money order for the amount above.  Make check or
money order payable to: The Amiga Central Ohio Network (or) AmiCON.  All
returned checks will be assessed a $15.00 processing fee.

Please send your form and your payment, no later than October 10th, 1997,
Atten: Midwest Amiga Expo
P.O. Box 18311
Columbus, Ohio

********************************** end form ******************************

If you have questions about the information listed above, please contact:
Dave Pearce

Additional information is available at and
will be updated regularly.


Dave Pearce --