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OloFight is a beat'em up sporting many innovations, when compared to similar
existing products in the Amiga market:

- more than 3000 colours on screen at once (there should be 4500 of them in
  the final release), made possible on an Amiga 1200 by a new routine that
  exploits the Copper to the most

- power-ups to strenghten fighters by adding new moves (special moves will
  be easier to control than those of similar games)

- objects moving on different parallax layers, behind or in front of

- animated backgrounds

- 3D-perspective floor motion

- background music adapting itself to the game events: it gets quiet and
  gloomy if the player is losing or triumphal if the player is winning

- high quality (100% rendered) graphics

- support for at least 4 languages (Italian, English, French, German) for
  both the manual and the game

- realistic shadow effect reflecting fighters' movements: not just a dark
  spot on the floor, but a semi-transparent outline shaped like the

- works are in progress to add a daylight or darkness effect

We plan to include an intro similar (read well: similar) to those of
Playstation games like Soul Blade, thanks to a fast and effective
compression method.

The game will run with no problems at 25fps on a basic A1200 (it's a tough

The game will be distributed on floppy disks (probably eight or more) with
a HD installation program.  We might eventually release a CD version.  A
playable demo will be ready in September, while the final product will
probably be available in December.

Best Regards
                                                           Fabrizio Stoduto
                                                           The Real Ologram