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The AR100 - The Top 100 Amiga Games of All Time

Amiga Report is launching a major new survey, aiming to determine the best
Amiga games of the past 12 years.  The Amiga Report 100 will be a reference
for games players past and present, and will be repeated every 6 months to
reflect the constantly changing Amiga games market.

What we want you to do is let us know your own personal "top ten" games -
the ten titles you've enjoyed playing more than any others on your Amiga. 
You can vote for any Amiga game - public domain, shareware or commercial. 
There's no discrimination between game genres - at the end of the day,
number 1 in the AR100 will the be game which YOU have voted the best Amiga
game ever.

Voting is easy. We allow you to vote in 3 different ways ...

By E-Mail:  send your vote to  Include your full name,
            e-mail address, and your top ten favourite games of all time.

On the web: Point that browser at and
            fill in the form.

By Fax:     Send a fax to Amiga Report on +44 131 226 6996, with your full
            name and top ten.

Of course, there are rules.  We only allow one vote per reader, so please
don't send 15 e-mails voting for the same games.  If we suspect that anyone
has voted more than once, all their votes will be disregarded.  Please give
the full name of the game - a vote for "Tetris" doesn't tell us much; tell
us which version.  All votes must be in by 31st August 1997, and to keep
things consistant, you can only vote on games released on or before 31st
June 1997.  The results will be announced in the first September issue of
Amiga Report.  Above all else, the editors' decision is final.

May the best game win!

Kenny Anderson
Games Editor of Amiga Report