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                           News & Press Releases

 AR's Top 100 Amiga Games   AR's Ken Anderson wants your vote!

 Gateway Challenges Sale    Gateway asserts its own Chinese rights

   Chinese Amiga Rights     Lotus Pacific announces an alliance

 Aladdin 4D 5.0 Shipping    Finally!

   OctaMed SoundStudio      A new revision may be in the works

  Amiga Informer Issue 9    Now at the 48-page mark

    Midwest Amiga Expo      Call for exhibitors goes out

       CallMan 1.1          Phone dialer/logfile analyzer/bill calculator

      NGConfig v1.0         Automated configuration of NetGate

       MCCLib v12.2         Updated MUI custom class library

        Smaky 400           A PCI board which might go AmigaOS?

        VDisk v2.7          Recoverable RAM disk driver

         OloFight           A new beat-em-up on its way

    Video Escort v2.5       A special Mr. Hardware sale

      Amos Compiler         Coming soon in the US

         PMPro V4           Sort and organize your images

    ANet IRC Network        New IRC net launched

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