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                               Reader Mail

From: Micah Thompson (


Just though I'd drop you a line to say "How's it going?"

You don't know me, but Rob Glover, and myself, created Amiga Report
magazine years ago, when he was my roomate! 

I didn't even know it still existed, so you can understand my surprise when
I was surfing the web and found it! 

Unfortunately, we both have strayed from the Amiga due to business
requirements, but we both still harbor a deep love for the machine, and
miss it terribly. 

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" and keep it going!

Micah Thompson, former Technical Editor of AR

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From: Richard Dickinson ( 

First I'd like to say thanks for AR, which I enjoyed reading on my A2000
which has since died.  I was forced to buy a "PC" and have cursed that day
ever since.  I've recently got on your mailing list and was wondering if
you know of a reader for *.guide format files on a PC?

I hope to get myself another Amiga soon as I'm overjoyed to see Amy making
a comeback!

              Rick D.

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From: Dilup Gabadamudalige ( 

I am in dire straits.  I NEED to get dpaintV AGA for my A4000.  I am in Sri
Lanka.  There is NO Amiga support here.  I am the only lonely Amiga user. 
I create Animations for TV commercials and cartoons.  This is a serious
request.  Please help me to PURCHASE a copy of DPAINT V AGA.

-    It may be too late to help in this particular case, but Guildhall
     Leisure is re-publishing DPaint V under the Acid Software label.
     You can contact them at +44 01302 890000, or

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From: Eldor Luedtke Jr. ( 

Hello, fist off, TNX for all your work on AR, it's realy cool.

I would like to point out that it would be nice if you could do an article
on CNet Amiga BBS, Ray has busted his butt on coding, he is money in the
hole and needs new sysops, the program (IMHO) is FAR ahead of ANY BBS
program for ANY micro.  They REALY need to get the word out about it.


-    You're right.  I've actually been in touch with those guys for
     some time now, and it's about time I did a serious article on C-Net
     and its role in this Internet age.

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From: Jason Edmonds ( 

I would like to speak in favor of Village Tronic for their standpoint on
the Picasso IV/CyberGraphX problem.  I own both the Picasso IV and a
Picasso II+ cards, using Picasso96 as the driver software.  The only real
problems I've had are with running Phase 5's MPeg player program (I believe
it is called Isis or Osiris - something Egyptian!) and of course the
CyberGL stuff (of which there is little or nothing yet).  All CybergraphX
v.2.0 seems to work fine in both my A4000/040/PIV and A3000/030/PII+
Amigas.  In fact, the Picasso96 is so stable I find little desire to even
desire the so-called real product (i.e.  CyberGraphX).

I might add that Picasso96 is free and the older CyberGraphX v.2.0 will run
you about $40.00 U.S.  to purchase.  The promise of CyberGraphX v.3.0 for
all of the v.2.0 cards is as yet unrealized.  That is not to mention that
the Picasso96 supports many cards that CybergraphX does not (such as the
Merlin card), and promises to support the much maligned but common Retina
Z2.  If CyberGraphX started the RTG revolution, which few will deny, why
can't it become a truly open standard?  What is wrong with a
CyberGraphX-compatible clone with better stability and more support?  I put
the question to Phase 5, who seem intent on stifling Picasso96 by making
programs which don't even conform to the original CyberGraphX
specifications.  Perhaps Wolf Dietrich et al.  will see the light and
cooperate with Village Tronic.  And please, buy the Picasso IV board, I did
and you will not regret it.  - Jason Edmonds, Boylston, MA, USA

-    The Phase5 MPEG players are called both Osiris AND Isis, the former
     for CGX 2 and 3 while Isis is CGX 3-specific.  But that's not the main
     issue here.

     As it stands today, CyberGraphX 3 is free for most of the boards which
     are CGX-supported--namely, the CyberVision cards, the
     Spectrum/Piccolo, Picasso II and II+, and Piccolo SD64.  So P96 does
     not have an overwhelming advantage in being free any longer.  The
     issues in supporting the Retina Z2 (and 2410 card) are difficult ones,
     which is why both the CGX and P96 guys have had a hard time getting
     around to implementing them.  (CGX 2's 2410 driver was done by
     someone else).  -Jason

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From: DeWilton W. Haslup III ( 

comments: I am writing because I have a MS2400 Migraph Flatbed Scanner and
recently had a reason to scan slides.  When I purchased the scanner Migraph
had an attachement that allowed the scanning of transparencies.

My question is does Migraph still exist?  There phone has
been disconnected and I can't get a new listing from 
directory assistance.

Do you have any idea where I might find one of these attachments?

-    I don't know the answer to either of these questions.  Anybody else?

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From: Alastair Wilson ( 

I would just like to say that I am getting excited about the Amiga again. 
I have had an A500+ for 5 years and a Pentium PC for 1.  I used to not shut
up about the Amiga and how good it was, constantly quoting specs and the
like at my mother.  She was happy with my last year's silence until I saw
the computers section of the Sydney Morning Herald (australia) last tuesday
and the lead article "The Computer That Would Not Die".  I am now beginning
to tell her all about it again, and cannot wait for a new amiga.  If it's
PPC or able to be, I will be buying one.  The love affair is about to start
all over again!  Thanks for listening.