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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

Where to begin?

Remember all the talk about "The Chinese" and the "Chinese Amiga rights"?
It's back again.

Lotus Pacific announced that it had purchased the Sino-Chinese Amiga rights
from Rightiming, who apparently bought those rights from Escom.  The
development of the WonderTV Amiga-based computer was announced.

But Gateway now disputes Lotus Pacific's ability to buy or Rightiming's
ability to sell that license.  They claim that they hold the worldwide
rights to the Amiga.

And for the public, that's about all we know.  Both the purported Chinese
deal and Gateway's purchase of the Amiga were closed transactions, meaning
we have nothing to go on but this "he-said-she-said" argument.  We cannot
check into the durability of Rightiming's claim on the rights, nor on
Gateway's claim that their purchase extends throughout the globe.

So it shall be, it seems, until one of them says something else.

There's an extra wrinkle here in that shortly after the Lotus
Pacific/Rightiming announcement, some of my colleagues did some research
and have a pretty good indication that LP and Rightiming are for all
intents and purposes the same company.  So this may be a very paper move

Remember that promised HTML issue?  Sorry, but it's been pushed back one
more month.  Just to show that we haven't COMPLETELY forgotten about it, a
very bare prototype of the upcoming HTML title page has been included.  I'm
leaving for a trip today so waiting on the release of the issue would have
taken up more time than I'm comfortable with.  Again, sorry for the delay.

The next few months should be interesting ones, as we enter the autumn
Amiga expo season.  Some companies have some interesting promises coming
up.  A French company, Ateo, claims to have a new custom-busboard with a
graphics card forthcoming for the A1200.  We'll see what the future brings.

We're hoping to have a good stock of software and hardware lined up for
review next issue, so stay tuned.


PS: Be sure to check out the Reader Mail section this issue.  Lots of good
stuff in there, including a letter from one of AR's founders!