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Aladdin 4D Ships with ImageFX Limited Time Offer!

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Contact:	Bob Fisher
         Nova Design, Inc.
         1910 Byrd Ave, Suite 204
         Richmond, VA 23230
         Tel: 804-282-5868
         Fax: 804-282-3768

Aladdin 4D 5.0, perhaps one of the most anticipated upgrades to a consumer
3D package on the Amiga, is scheduled to ship in July!  Nova Design is
currently taking advance orders for this highly anticipated upgrade.  
Aladdin 4D is the Amiga's fastest 3D animation package for and it even
comes with advanced tools like volumetric gases and particle systems!

Here's a small taste of just some of the new features we've been working on
in the past months for Aladdin 4D:

· No more dongle copy protection!

· All-new AmigaDOS 2.1/3.1 style interface!  Completely configurable
interface has been redesigned to make using the Aladdin 4D modeling and
animation system easier to use than ever before!

· Supports all Amiga display modes, CyberGraphX, Toaster, DCTV and more.

· Full support for integration with ImageFX and other packages supporting
the MAGIC buffer sharing system allows you to render images and immediately
post process them.

· Spotlights!  Negative lights!  Configurable photo-realistic soft shadows!

· Two configurable lens flare systems!  

· Video Toaster and Lightwave compatibility means that you can load and
save Toaster Framestore images, render directly to the Toaster display,
load Lightwave objects and composite Lightwave scenes three dimensionally
with built-in zbuffer support.

· Hierarchical, spline based, motion paths!

· ARexx support, real-time texture previews, thumbnail image requesters,
interactive help system, multiple level anti-aliasing and more!

The upgrade price, which includes a completely new manual, is only $99.95.
You'll be getting effectively a new 3D package for less than $100.00!

Want to own ImageFX as well?  Aladdin 4D owners get an extra bonus and can
order and 'crossgrade' to ImageFX 2.6 directly from Nova Design, Inc.  for
only $124.95 when ordering their Aladdin 4D upgrade.

Wait!  There's more!  ImageFX owners can also pre-order Aladdin 4D at this
amazing low upgrade price and get Aladdin 4D 5.0, brand new, for only

These offers won't be available forever.  Call today and order yourself
ImageFX and Aladdin 4D 5.0 - the perfect pair!

Call 1-800-IMAGE-69, or (804) 282-1157, to order Aladdin 4D and ImageFX on
this special offer, or fax us at (804) 282-3768.

ImageFX and Aladdin 4D are trademarks of Nova Design, Inc.  All other
trademarks are held by their respective owners.