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Digital Lightyear Technologies presents: 
Argent Ethernet

Digital Lightyear Technologies is proud to make the announcement of the
most affordable Ethernet networking solution ever offered for the Amiga
Market, The Argent Ethernet Card.  The Argent Ethernet network interface
card is a Zorro-II Auto-configuring adapter that will allow your Amiga
2000, Amiga 3000, or Amiga 4000 computer to be easily connected to any
Ethernet network, even those connected to IBM(R) and Macintosh(R) computer

 At 10 Megabits per second, data is transferred lightning fast!


o Zorro-II AutoConfig Card - Provides an easy connection to the computer
  and configuration is even easier.

o 100% Ethernet 10-2/10-T compatible - 100% compatibility ensures that
  you'll never have a problem connecting to any Ethernet network, with any
  kind of computer.

o Easy Internet Connectivity - If your network has Internet Access already,
  you may use the included free version of AmiTCP to connect your Amiga to
  the Internet many times faster than a normal modem.

o Easy connection utilities (currently under development) - Our special
  driver and utility set provides you with a quick way onto the network.

  A network file sharing system that lets you connect to servers and other
  computers on the network.

o Affordabilty - Unlike previously released Amiga Ethernet cards with
  retail prices between $199.00 and $299.00, The Argent Ethernet Card has a
  manufacturer's suggested retail price of only $99.99 per unit.  This
  price has been unheard of in the Amiga market - until now!

Contact Digital Lightyear Technologies for Dealer information or direct
sales information at:

1517 105th Ave. Ct. E.
Edgewood Washington, 98372
(206) 927-3817


Contact Digital Lightyear Technologies for pricing
Advance Orders are currently being taken.