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Delfina Lite is based on Delfina DSP, the world's first general use
multifunctional DSP audio card for Amiga.  From the Delfina DSP some
functions have been deleted (serial/parallel ports, memory expansion) and
some functions have been added (multiple sound input, expansion port).  The
modern manufacturing allows a very low price: SRP is $299.

Delfina Lite is primarily a DSP audio card, and it is best suited for
producing and recording audio with optional realtime effects.  Effects can
be applied on any sound produced by Delfina or external source
transparently, and all the sounds produced by Delfina-capable programs or
external source can be mixed into Delfina's output.  Delfina Lite is also
freely programmable for all general computing tasks using the supplied
compiler and libraries.

With the upcoming S/PDIF option Delfina Lite turns your Amiga into a
professional 24-bit computer audio workstation.  The optional serial port
adds a new high-speed MIDI-capable serial into your computer with very
little CPU usage.


  - 40 MHz Motorola DSP56002 digital signal processor
     * 20 MIPS, upto 120 MOPS
     * 24 bit data bus (144 dB dynamic range)

  - 96kB (32kWords) SRAM
     * Zero-waitstate (12ns)

  - Stereo audio codec (Crystal CS4231A)
     * Sample frequencies upto 48 kHz at 16 bit
     * Three stereo inputs, one stereo output
     * All inputs can be mixed with Delfina's output

  - Two stereo RCA inputs

  - One stereo RCA output

  - Internal connector for audio input from CD-ROM

  - expansion connector for MIDI-compatible serial port and 24-bit S/PDIF
    digital I/O

  - Fully programmable using the supplied software


  - Amiga with Zorro-II slot (A2000, A3000, A4000)
  - AmigaOS 2.04 or higher
  - 68020 processor or higher
  - about 5MB of hard disk space


Delfina Lite fully supports AHI, the retargetable audio standard for Amiga.
Number of AHI supporting programs is steadily increasing.  In the future,
Delfina Lite will also emulate the Toccata card in software.

In addition to AHI standard, Delfina Lite can run multiple Delfina and AHI
programs at the same time, and various effects can be applied globally, on
a single program output or a single external input, with all the sounds
mixed together at wished levels.  Only Delfina's DSP usage and internal
memory set the limits.

Software supporting Delfina includes:

  - Octamed SoundStudio
  - AudioLab16 for Delfina
  - SoundFX
  - Digi Booster Pro
  - Hippoplayer
  - APlayer
  - SinED
  - Play 16
  - ShapeShifter 3.6
  .. and many more.

Delfina Lite system software includes:

  - AHI (Audio Hardware Interface) driver
     * Play&record multiple channel audio
     * AHI standard allows you to write software that works
       on other audio boards or normal Amiga audio too

  - delfina.library
     * For basic operations and user's own DSP software
     * Supports DSP program multitasking
     * Enables audio playback and recording

  - DelfPrefs
     * Utility to adjust Delfina's parameters

  - DelFX
     * Multiple realtime effects
     * Record and play AIFFstereo samples at 4000-96000 Hz
     * Configurable shortcut effect combinations
     * Can be used to process input or output of other programs

  - DelfLoad
     * Shows DSP usage and other statistics

  - MUI 3.8 unregistered version
     * licensed for use with Delfina software

  - A56
     * DSP56002 assembler
     * Allows you to write your own DSP programs

  - Many example programs including source code

  - Software upgrades available for free, at


Delfina Lite boards are available for order from June 16th 1997. 

WWW site is at

To order, use the WWW order form, or mail to:
  Petsoff Limited Partnership
  P.O. Box 1009

Distributors sought worldwide.

For ordering questions, please send email to:
(Jyrki Petsalo, marketing)

and for technical questions, please send e-mail to: (Teemu Suikki, hard- and software design)

                 Delfina - Discover the Sound of Power.