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                              QAmiTrack 1.80
                             (Released 4/9/97)

QAmiTrack is a remake of AmiTrack, that uses amarquee.library and the
AMarquee server program to provide several new features over the old

Like the old AmiTrack, QAmiTrack lets you advertise your Amiga's presence
on the 'net, and see who else is on line.  Also like AmiTrack, QAmiTrack
has an ARexx interface and allows you to automatically connect to other
clients using a user-customizable cycle-gadget full of programs. 

Unlike AmiTrack, QAmiTrack does not require you to wait 5 minutes or click
a "refresh" button in order to see updates to the list.  Instead, all
updates to the list are forwarded to your Amiga as soon as they occur. 

Furthermore, QAmiTrack adds the ability to track how long it has been since
an entry has changed, and which users have their QAmiTrack window open.
Each entry in the ListView displays the number of minutes that have elapsed
since the last update to that entry, and users whose QAmiTrack windows are
currently open have a plus sign next to that number.   With this, you
always have a good idea of which computer users are actually looking at
their QAmiTrack window, and which are off doing something else. 

QAmiTrack is available on Aminet, in the file comm/net/QAmiTrack1.80.lha

NOTE:  QAmiTrack requires amarquee.library to be installed 
       in your LIBS: directory.  Amarquee.library is available 
       in the AMarquee distribution archive, in the file 
       /comm/net/AMarquee1.41.lha on Aminet.