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AMIGA International, Inc., license Index Information Ltd to manufacture
AMIGA based computers

Hampshire, England, July 1st, 1997- Following on from AMIGA International's
recent announcements about an open licensing policy for the Amiga, an
agreement has been reach which licenses Amiga developer Index Information
Ltd to manufacture and distribute its own range of Amiga motherboards and

 Index Information work exclusively with the Amiga product range to develop
hardware and software solutions for corporate applications.  Index have
developed the "Access" Computer, based on the Amiga Chip Set and Operating
System.  The agreement with AMIGA International allows the use of the
AmigaOS, supply agreements on Amiga proprietary chips and the use of the
"powered by Amiga" logo on all its products.

 "We declared an open policy for licensing the technology of the Amiga and
this is one of the first examples of that policy being placed in action.
The excellence of the Amiga technology combined with the technical skills
and market knowledge of companies such as Index will allow the Amiga to be
used in a wider range of applications, broadening the market for software
developers and integrators.", said Petro Tyschyschenko, President of AMIGA
International, Inc.

 Mick Tinker, Managing Director of Index Information Ltd; "We believe that
the Amiga is superior to any other computer product for a range of
applications, particularly in multimedia and applications that require
television output.   The machine has exceptionally low resource
requirements combined with high performance, enabling the computer to
substantially undercut competitive systems on cost, performance or both.
The technology has the potential to be substantially miniaturised and
cost-reduced to fulfil a wide range of new current and future

 "We aim to satisfy the growing need for economical multimedia computer
devices targeted to fulfil diverse and unique needs, while delivering the
ease of use, performance and cost savings that have only been promised by
competitive platforms."

 "By focusing on the key advantages of the Amiga technology we can ensure
that the customer receives the best solution at the best price.  Our
products high performance at low cost gives us significant advantages over
our competitors and we must use this to ensure that we supply the volume
demand in current and new markets."

About Index Information Ltd 

Index Information Ltd., Hampshire, formed in 1991 has worked exclusively
with the Amiga product range to develop hardware and software solutions for
corporate applications.  Notable achievements include software for the
first 24 bit graphics card, BBC Scotland's Catchword Game Show, all
computers and software for London Transport Museum interactive displays,
HMS Belfast interactive displays, 7,000 Amiga expansion units for a
world-wide training company.

The future expansion of the company will be based around a range of
standard products that we are currently designing and will manufacture,
along with the ability to rapidly customise the designs to meet the
individual requirements of volume purchasers.  Available in Q3 1997 will be
the first implementations of a product line called "Access", with
additional key strategic products to be completed over the next 6 months.

Early production Access motherboards are currently shipping to key customers
for testing and development.