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For Immediate Release   28th June 1997

HiQ is now in final testing of the Siamese TCP/IP Ethernet/Internet


HiQ is pleased to announce that the Siamese System now supports the TCP/IP
protocol for transfering all file data, Screen Retargetting and other
Siamese System.

Ethernet Link

The Ethernet link will allow any Win95/NT system to run the Siamese System
software from an Amiga as long as they are both linked via Ethernet and
have TCP/IP stacks available to them.  So far tests have shown file transfe
rates of over 500kbytes/sec on budget type Ethernet cards and the Siamese
RTG system positively flies.

Video Toaster / Flyer Users

One final note is for Video toaster and Flyer users, soon you will be able
to control your Amiga Video system from any Win95/NT system and transfer
data to and from an Alpha Lightwave system for example.

More information will be posted in the coming days, please revisit this
site soon.  Check on