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Siamese Mailing List

To join the Siamese mailing list, send an E-mail to
Place in the body of this E-mail either one of the following;

ADD siamese 

Which will add your reply-to: address to the mailing list or if you want a
different address, use this;

ADD siamese 

If later you wish to remove yourself from the mailing list, E-mail again with this line;

DELETE siamese 

If you want more in-depth help, E-mail HELP to or as a last resort you can E-mail 
for human admin. 

Do NOT post subscription requests to!  This is the
address that real posts to the mailing list go to. 

Mat Bettinson - Technical Editor of CU Amiga Magazine
(HiQ would like to thank Mat Bettinson and maybe buy him a drink)