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HiQ's Siamese System goes Alpha

HiQ is pleased to announce that the Siamese System now supports Alpha based
WindowsNT workstations.  In conjunction with Digital’s FX!32 translation
system, version 2 of the software now shipping runs transparently and at
high speed.

The Siamese System integrates a Windows95/NT PC with any Amiga with an 020
and AmigaOS 3.x.  In use the two systems appear as one, greater than the
sum of its parts.  The supplied software and hardware allows you to use one
monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer for both machines, as well as mounting
all the drives of the Windows machine on the Amiga.  The amazing Siamese
RTG allows you to retarget compatible Amiga screens at high speed to your
Windows desktop, in resolutions up to 2048x2048, and has to be seen to be
believed running on a Wintel machine, let alone an Alpha.

With high end Alpha 21164A CPUs reaching 600mhz, and the 21164PC CPUs
coming in at Pentium prices, Alphas are the perfect machines to Siamese
with your Amiga.  The awesome rendering speed of the Alpha in conjunction
with the still unbeaten video capabilities of the Amiga/Toaster/Flyer will
unleash your creativity and greatly increase your productivity.

For more information on the Siamese System:

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