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We have found a suitable location and date for this years show...

Date:            November 1st & 2nd
Location:   Concourse Hotel at the Columbus Airport.

The concourse hotel is a classy facility within walking distance of the
airport terminal.
They have a bar and resturant, indoor and outdoor pools and an excercise
Single Rooms run $94 and rooms with two double beds run $104.
We have reserved the Grand Ballroom (their largest) which from what I see from
the fliers from the Gateway show is larger than the gateway show floor.

I know there will be some increase to cover the higher cost of the facilities
but we expect them to be close to next years show.

As soon as Dave Pearce gets back from his honeymoon we will have pictures of
the facility on our web page at

Let me know if you have questions, and please pass this information along to
any interested people and vendors...
Ronn Black
Pres. Amicon - Centeral Ohio Amiga Users Group.