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18 June,1997

         AmigaZone Expands! More Amiga mailing lists added. 
                   Amiga Fidonet "Echoes" added.

The AmigaZone, hosted at CalWeb Internet Services (formerly located on
Portal), has expanded our offerings yet again!

The Zone, founded in 1985 by Harv Laser, has always prided itself on
carrying as much Amiga-oriented information, in the form of messages
(postings, articles), and files as possible.  Now we're bursting at the
seams with STUFF for you and your Amiga!

In our current incantation, as a WildCat5 system hosted by CalWeb Internet
Services, we now carry an insanely huge amount of info for you to enjoy!

Your $19.95/month membership gets you everything the AmigaZone has to
offer.  There are NEVER any extra-cost areas just out of your reach.

Not only do we carry all the Amiga Usenet Newsgroups, but we also have
message bases for Amiga-oriented mailing lists.  We just added another half
dozen mailing lists, and here is the current roster of the lists you can
read in the Zone:

  AWeb Mailing List
  Imagine Mailing List
  Toaster Mailing List
  Lightwave Mailing List
  Opalvision Mailing List
  IBrowse Mailing List
  Aladdin 4D Mailing List
  AmTelnet Mailing List
  CU Amiga Mailing List
  ImageFX Mailing List
  Miami Mailing List
  SoftLogik Mailing List
  Voyager Mailing List

By feeding these mailing lists into our message bases, you don't have to
clog your email with them.  You don't have to worry about disk storage
costs at your ISP.  Just read them online in our Text-style BBS interface,
or with your favorite browser in our Web interface.  Some of these lists
generate hundreds of postings each week.

Today, we expanded the Zone even more.  We're now feeding the
Amiga-specific Fidonet "echos" into their own message bases.  These are the
ones we're carrying:

  Fidonet NetMail
  Amiga International Echo 
  Amiga Games
  Amiga Hardware/Software For-Sale
  International Amiga CDROM/CDTV/CD32 Conference
  FileFind echo for Amiga Computers
  Amiga WorldWide Conference
  Amiga Programmers Area
  Amiga BBS Sysops Conference
  International Amiga Telecom Roundtable
  Amiga Pointing Software
  Amy Tech Conference

If you've ever wanted to read Fidonet and didn't have a local BBS that
carried it, or maybe you did and he only has one phone line that's always
busy, well here ya go.  You'll never get a "busy signal" connecting to the
AmigaZone.  And again you can read all these echos in our text-style
interface with any terminal program or telnet client, or use your browser
and read them in our incredibly easy-to-use Web interface.  Or you can even
download them using our "QWK Packet" system and use an offline reader.

(Speaking of Web interfaces, I've seen a lot of Web-based message base
interfaces..  some of them really suck!  The one we have on our Wildcat
system is so nice, simple and fast to use you won't believe it!).

In addition to our own local message bases, Usenet groups, Amiga mailing
lists, and now Fidonet echos, the Zone features one of the largest
collection of Amiga files and programs you're likely to find anywhere!  We
have over 40,000 files always available, 24 hours a day for you downloading
pleasure, both on our hard drives and on our CD-ROM changer.  Nothing is
"by request" or "offline." It's all there.  All the time.  And we have tons
of files you won't find on Aminet or any other online service around.
Files aren't deleted because we run out of space.  We have TONS of disk

Want more?  Okay how about this: we have an online image thumbnail maker. 
Not sure you want to download .gif or .jpg images from our library?  Want
to see what they look like first?  Just use our text-interface's instant
thumbnail maker.  Mark the files, choose the thumbnail option and it'll
spit out a labelled thumbnail screen in eight different resolutions, as a
.gif or a .jpg and Zmodem it right onto your screen.

Oh, and did I mention that you can wander through our huge categorized
library, mark the files you want, and then download them all at one time? 
Yah, you can do that :)

That's not enough?  Okay, how about this: We have a LIVE weekly contest
each Sunday night.  We've had contests for over 300 weeks running and we've
given away thousands of bucks worth of Amiga prizes.  Software, CD-ROMs,
even hardware.  (We gave out an OpalVision a week ago).  The contests are
random chance, and fair to even the slowest typists.  There's a huge list
of prizes for you to choose from.  Yes, that's right.  If you win, you get
to choose the prize you want!

The AmigaZone is run and managed by long-time Amiga-owning professionals. 
You ask questions, you get answers.  You want someone to yak with?  We have
a live interactive chat seven nights a week. 

I promise you that you will not find more Amiga-oriented STUFF in any other
single location anywhere. 

Your $19.95 monthly fee gets you the entire AmigaZone:

 - our text-style BBS interface you telnet into from anywhere
 - our Web browser interface
 - our private FTP site
 - our POP email server
 - your own "" email address

And if that wasn't enough, you also get a full CalWeb UNIX shell account
with all the standard UNIX shell tools for email and news, plus 10 meg of
free storage for your own Web site if you want to build one.

And CalWeb has LIVE 24 hour tech support, seven days a week!  (Can you name
another Internet provider who can make that claim?)

If all of this doesn't convince you, you can try out the Zone absolutely
FREE for two weeks.  You pay NOTHING to road test it.  No deposit.  No
credit card up front.  NOTHING.  (The free, two-week trial has a few limits
which are detailed at our Web site).

If you're ready to join, CalWeb takes major plastic, or they'll set up a
monthly invoice-in-the-mail account for you.  Just call 1-800-509-9322 and
if you use plastic you'll have your Zone account within 24 hours.

(If you want the 2 week free trial first, do NOT phone CalWeb.  Instead,
visit our web site and read the instructions you'll find at the "Free Two
Week Trial" link on the main page.  CalWeb does *NOT* set up the free trial


For more info and details, check out our web site at:


Harv Laser
AmigaZone Founder and Sysop