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[This news comes courtesy of Rolf Rotvel ( who has some
relieving news.  Some time ago, reports arose that Timm Martin, who wrote
SID, had died.  We published those accounts in Amiga seems we
were mistaken.  -Jason]

Here's some good news.  I've been emailing a bit with Timm Martin, the
author of the famous directory utility SID.  I am happy to tell that
contrary to rumors he's very much alive and it looks like there's still
hope for the continued developement of SID.

Here's what he had to say (Edited together from a couple of emails):

"I do still have the SID source code.  I'm currently in negotiations with
an American company to license the source code to produce another version
of SID.  Hence, I cannot release it to the public domain at this time."

"I can tell you that negotiations have stalled somewhat, so if you know
anyone with a little money and a lot of wherewithall who's interested in
licensing and updating SID, let me know."

"However, because of my current heavy commitment to my software company, I
don't really have the time and energy to actively pursue a deal.  I'll be
glad to listen to any valid offer, but the negotiations need to be quick,
the deal solid, and my participation after the fact extremely limited to


[So, if you're interested in the future of SID, drop Timm a line.]