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Finale Development, Inc.  is proud to announce the availabilty of our
newest product ..  NewYork newsreader.  (both full, and demo versions)

NewYork is a powerful, but easy to use online Usenet news reader, designed
from the ground-up for the Amiga, not ported over from some other platform.
It features built-in editing tools, mass-uudecode tools, and sports an
intuitive speedbar implementation.

The application requires:

* WB 3.x

* 2+ megs of available RAM (may vary, according to the
  size of your ISP's news active file)

If you are currently using the demo version of Voodoo emailer, or are
looking for an Amiga email program please note that we have released a new
version of the demo.

Voodoo features an intuitive integration of plain text email, MIME email,
and powerful PGP encryption bundled into one easy to master package.

Voodoo requires:

* WB 3.x

* 2+ megs of free RAM

Archives for all our products, both full and demos, can be found
on either our FTP site (, for example: (549488) (363768)

 for the Voodoo and NewYork demos, or at our WWW site's
download page (

 Thank You,

  John Kelly,
  Director of Customer Support
  Finale Development, Inc.  - General information - Product ordering