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  0.99x  FINAL BETA


  Markus Mannevaara


  Maggot is the classic worm-game where you eat apples, trying to
  get the worm as long as possible. The special attraction of Maggot
  is free movement of the worm, as seen in PizzaWorm for the PC and
  SuperWorm on the Amiga, but even better. In Maggot you have more
  control of the Worm, in the form of different turn tightnesses,
  and two different speeds.

  It's guaranteed to be very addictive, and the absolute timewaster
  when you have a break somewhere. It naturally features a highscore
  list, so that there would be something to strive for in the game.

  This version of Maggot is the final beta, we would like you to test
  this software and report any ideas or suggestions you have, before
  it is released more widely.

  The main features of Maggot are:

    o Very addictive.
    o Free movement.
    o Nice font-sensitive (GadTools) user interface.
    o Set-uppable to a wide extent.
    o Good graphics, that fall back to simpler graphics if your
      system is limited.
    o Good highscore-list, including a list-merging function.
    o Sounds (not fully implemented in this beta).


    o AmigaOS 3.0
    o For a special Color-cycling mode to work, the screen needs to
      have 256 or less colors.


  This final beta of Maggot is only available from our website at:

  Later versions will also be put on Aminet.


  Maggot is Freeware.
  Copyrighted to CircleSoft 1996-1997.