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  "Built With Amiga Software For The Internet" campaign launch.


  Keith Blakemore-Noble (


  Today (8th June 1997) sees the launch of the Built With Amiga
  Software For The Internet campaign.

  The best way to describe this campaign is to quote directly from
  it's main page -

  "You may have noticed some webpages bearing logos indicating that
   they were made with Microsoft software, or made on AppleMacs, or
   whatever. Well, this campaign is designed to be a focus point
   for all those of us who use our Amigas to create our Web Pages -
   let's show the rest of the world just how good this machine
   really is, and how widely used it is!"

  This campaign is designed to increase Amiga awareness on the net,
  through the use of a distinctive logo on your own web pages.
  (provided you DID build them with Amiga software, of course ;-))

  However, it is ALSO intended to provide you with a source of
  information concerning all categories of Amiga Internet

  Amiga International and Gateway2000 have been advised of the
  existance of this campaign.


  The only requirement is that if you add teh logo to your Web
  Pages, they MUST have actually been Built With Amiga Software! :)


  The campaign web site is already available, although details are
  still being added (and will continue to be added as people bring
  more details to my attention, and as new software arrives).

  Note - if you are using an old browser that does not support
  HTTP1.1 then this link may not work correctly, in which case
  please try


  There is no fee involved with becoming associated.


  The whole object of this campaign is to increase awareness of the
  Amiga and its role within the Internet, so please feel free to
  distribute this information far and wide, and to add the logo and
  link to your own Web Pages.


  This campaign is working closely with the Amiga Web Campaign and
  also the Made on Amiga site.