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                           News & Press Releases

 AR's Top 100 Amiga Games    AR's Ken Anderson wants your vote!

         IPISA '97           The international developer conference

      MasterISO v1.28        Burn CDs, updated

  Retail Escort v4.1 Demo    The new retail management system

       Delfina Lite          The new DSP audio board for Zorro

         Aladdin 4D          Coming very, very soon

      Argent Ethernet        The upcoming low-cost Ethernet board

        BarNone 1.2          New system controlling package

         HexagonII           PBeM version of Avalon Hill wargame

      CheckHTML v1.3         Confirm HTML 3.2 compliance

        MCC-Install          Assist in installing MUI custom classes

 Built With Amiga Campaign   Another way to show your colors

       Maggot v0.99x         The classic worm game

    NewYork Newsreader       Now released from Finale

     Honorable Mention       Cataloguing Amiga coverage in non-Amiga journals

   Timm Martin Is Alive!     Despite previous reports to the contrary...

   Amiga Informer Issue 8    The latest of North America's growing magazine

     Amiga Club Madrid       A new Spanish Amiga organization

     AmigaZone Expands       Adds new conferences and more support

     Amicon Ohio Show        Coming in November!

  No Amiga To Waste Site     Band together with other Amigans

  Siamese System - Alpha     Now Siamese to high-power workstations

   Siamese Mailing List      Discuss the ins and outs of Siamese

 Siamese TCP/IP Connection   Faster bandwidth for Siamese users

    UltraAccounts v4.1       Personal and home accounting software

    Geek Gadgets Vol 2       Now published through Cronus

   Index Information Ltd     Licensed by AI

    CygnusEd Re-Release      Coming, again, from Schatztruhe

      AMarquee v1.41         TCP traffic cop for programmers

      QAmiTrack v1.80        Works in conjunction with AMarquee

       Totally Amiga         An upcoming Amiga magazine

   Text Adventure Comp.      The third annual IF contest

        STFax v2.0           The new shareware fax package

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