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The Amiga Informer is about to release our biggest and best issue to 
date. Due out approximately June 18, you will find issue 8 crammed 
with important and detailed articles, information and reviews. All the 
Informer's staff and writers are passionate Amiga users. We use only 
Amigas to create The Informer and we use them to fill all our 
computing needs, providing us with a true insight to the platform.

The Amiga Informer is currently a mail order, subscription based 
publication. You will not find us at your local newsstand. However, 
this fact allows us to keep our prices down for both our readers and 
advertisers. This also allows us to give our subscribers personal 
attention when in comes to processing subscriptions and answering 

>From time to time you may find a sample issue of The Informer 
enclosed with one of your Amiga purchases or see a copy at your 
user group meeting. While we do send out some complimentary 
issues, they do not provide you with all the benefits that a 
subscription would bring.

As a subscriber, you can place free classified ads for your used 
Amiga products in each issue. This offers a good way to directly 
reach thousands of Amiga users who want that item you just aren't 
using anymore. Perhaps you are looking to find an elusive Amiga 
product. Placing a wanted to buy ad in The Informer just might find it 
for you. It is difficult at best to sell a used Amiga product in your local 
newspaper­and it costs you money. In The Informer, your items are 
seen by an Amiga-specific audience. Therefore, you can sell them 
quickly, and probably pay for your subscription in the process.

If you are a subscriber with an email address, you will automatically 
receive the Amiga Update Newsletter direct to your email box. Amiga 
Update is produced by Brad Webb. Through a special arrangement 
with The Informer, you will get all the latest announcements, press 
reports, rumors and news at least twice a month with Amiga Update. 
This info is fresh and direct from the horse's mouth. No need to hunt 
or wait for the latest info­it's sent directly to you with Amiga Update. 

Subscribers also receive discounts from Liage International. Through 
an arrangement with Liage, we are able to offer our subscribers a 
10% discount on all orders. While some might think Liage is just a 
game reseller, the facts are different. They carry not only a full line of 
popular games, but many educational and instructional titles, as well 
as a full line of CD-ROM titles.

And if that isn't plenty already, The Informer is also working hard to 
bring you more benefits. We expect to soon have an arrangement 
worked out with a well know authorized Amiga repair company that 
will give our subscribers discounts on selected repairs. Likewise, we 
will periodically be able to offer our subscribers special limited time 
discounts on popular software titles. These discounts are made 
possible by software developers or distributors who sometimes offer 
promotional deals on their products, and we want our subscribers to 
have a chance at these special savings.

If you would like to become a subscriber to The Amiga Informer, now 
is the perfect time. We offer a No Risk, No Obligation Guarantee to 
try us out. You will receive a bill with your first issue, but if you're not 
completely satisfied, just write CANCEL on the bill and return it. If 
you decide not to subscribe, the first issue is yours to keep and you 
will owe us nothing.

Simply call (914) 566-4665 to subscribe by VISA or MC. If you want
to test us out first, call and request to be billed with your first
issue. Or if you prefer, you can visit our website at to fill out the On-line Subscription
Form to take advantage of the No Risk Guarantee offer.

The Informer is devoted to bringing you an accurate and reliable 
resource of Amiga information. So if you're still not convinced, 
request that we send you a bill with our No Risk, No Obligation
Guarantee, and find out for yourself.

Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer
Phone or Fax: 914-566-4665