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[This is actually a news item a few months old but it's slipped through the
cracks.  Our apologies to Mr. Hardware. -Jason]

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, February 5th 1997

Contact:     Joe Rothman
             Mr. Hardware Computers
             59 Storey Ave.
             Central Islip, NY 11722-2332 USA
             516-234-8110 Voice or Fax

Central Islip, NY - Wednesday, February 5th 1997 Mr.  Hardware Computers
announced today that they are offering a special upgrade price for anyone
currently in possession of a previous release of SBase4 or SBase4Pro Amiga.
We don't care if you were the original purchaser or not.  All we need is
the registration number from the version you currently own.

On April 29th 1996 Mr.  Hardware Computers purchased all rights to the
Amiga version of SBase4Pro from Oxxi, Inc.  We did not publicize this
purchase because we fully expected to have been able to release an expanded
new version of SBase4 by January 1997.  However, we have run into numerous
difficulties, including a total lack of contracted support from Oxxi, Inc.

Although work continues on brand new Mr.  Hardware Computers labeled
versions of all SBase4 products, it has recently come to our attention that
many people do not realize that SBase4 isn't dead.  We have also found out
that many people are needlessly using buggy versions of the current SBase4
and SBase4Pro releases.  If you are among the thousands of Amiga users who
are still using SuperBase Personal, SuperBase Professional, older versions
of SBase4, or SBase4Pro, you can upgrade to SBase4Pro v1.30n for the
following prices in US dollars.

From                                   Cost Including Shipping
SuperBase Amiga any version               - $60.00
SuperBase Professional Amiga any version  - $30.00
SBase4 Amiga any version                  - $50.00
SBase4Pro Amiga version v1.30m or older   - $20.00

There are many good reasons for upgrading your current software to
SBase4Pro v1.30n.  These include many bug fixes and some new features that
have been implemented since the version you are currently using was
created.  Your participation in this upgrade program will also make it
easier for us to continue with the further development of SBase4 and

Mr.  Hardware Computers is 100% Amiga and 100% committed to the further
development of SBase4 and SBase4Pro for the Amiga.  We have some incredible
new ideas and development programs we will be implementing in the future. 
We invite you to help us prove that the Amiga is better at running business
software than any other computer platform available anywhere.