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Amiga Browser Market Share Changes

Amicrawler.Com today released the reults of the Amiga web browser market
share for the month of May 1997.  The most widely used was IBrowse, from
Omnipresence International, with a 67.8% market share.  AmigaVoyager
(VaporWare) followed a distant second with a 21.8% share (up from 14.6% in
March), and AWeb (AmiTrix Development) with 6.8% (down from 16.1%).

The long-term data compiled over the months between March and May 1997 show
IBrowse with 72.1%, AmigaVoyager with 17.1%, and AWeb with 10.2%.  Browsers
such as AmigaMosaic with 0.3% and ALynx with 0.1% have shown a steady

A similar study performed by BrowserWatch shows IBrowse with a 74.8% market
share, AmigaVoyager with 21.9%, and AWeb with 3.2%, among graphical Amiga
web browsers.  This study used a smaller sample of only 1,661 visitors over
many weeks, while the Amicrawler study used a sample size of over 220,000

For further information, please visit the Amiga Browser Watch at

David Tiberio