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The Amiga Informer Zine, the new Amiga print publication, is
announcing that our newly redesigned web site is up and running. You
can visit our new site at:
Our new site has been completely redesigned by Ted Wallingford of Pantheon
Systems using Amiga computers.  You will find our site much more pleasing
to the eye and a great deal kinder to use as you browse selected articles
reprinted from issue 7.

The Informer site includes many new features.  You will find a new Public
Service Database that allows vendors, user-groups and individuals to join
and become included in future Amiga related mailings.  You will also find a
search engine that will allow you to do specific searches of the posted
articles and news items.  There are hot links on our front page that
connect you to some of the best Amiga sites on the web for quick access to
the latest news.  In addition, we list a wide variety of Amiga vendors on
our front page with quick links to their sites.  This is a great way to get
the best prices on those items you've been wanting to purchase.  All the
vendors listed on our front page support The Amiga Informer and we hope you
will support them in turn.

Other features planned for our site but not yet available will be First
Virtual and PGP protected on-line subscribing, a full archive of many past
articles, full searching of achived articles, Music of the Month as you
browse, downloadable links to programs mentioned by columnists in Informer
articles, and a feedback section for subscribers to air their thoughts on
future issue content.

It is no secret we want you to subscribe to The Informer, but, that doesn't
mean we won't fully reprint articles to our web site.  We want you to have
access to the information contained in The Informer regardless whether you
subscribe or not.  However, we don't post all the articles from the print
edition and articles are posted to our web site approximately 2-3 weeks
after they are received by our subscribers.  This delay makes it much more
advantageous to subscribe if you want to get all the details hot off the
press.  Right now, the information on our web site is from issue 7 which
was in our subscribers hands on or about April 15th.

Please visit our new web site at and see for
yourself what our new site is all about.

Thanks for your support,

Fletcher Haug