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Toysoft Development Inc.
131 64 Ave N. W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 0L9 Canada

Phone: 1-403-680-1656
From: Danny Wong

May 12, 1997

Re: Air Mail Pro press release
Availibility: Mid May, 1997

Toysoft Development Inc.  the makers of the only commercial email program
for the Amiga has announced the release of Air Mail Pro for Magic User
Interface (MUI) and Class Act environments.

Air Mail Pro is a powerful and yet easy to use Internet email program for
sending and receiving messages using SMTP and POP protocols.  Air Mail Pro
has all the features of the original version plus more.

New features in Air Mail Pro includes: more preferences are added for user
customization, log file to keep track of all incoming and outgoing
messages, new interface for composing messages, multiple ASCII signatures,
automatically get notified when a user receives your message (only works if
both users are using Air Mail Pro), additional forms are included, import
and export Address book, supports multiple email accounts.  A new Helper
preference has been added to support MIME formatted messages.  Air Mail Pro
can now display any types of pictures eg: GIF, IFF, JPEG or PNG or play any
types of sounds eg: IFF, AU or WAVE and animations such as MPEG, CDXL, AVI
or Quicktime using the external helper programs.

Both MUI and ClassAct version are identical in features and can be
installed on the same system without any conflicts.  The MUI version
requires MUI v3.2 or higher and the ClassAct version includes all the
BOOPSI libraries, a minimum of one meg of free RAM is recommended after
TCP/IP stack is loaded.

Air Mail Pro is compatible with AmiTCP, Miami, TermiteTCP and Mlink.  Air
Mail Pro is $40.00 US plus $5.00 US for shipping and handling in North
America and $7.00 US for shipping and handling worldwide.  Please state the
MUI or ClassAct version when ordering.

Registered users of Air Mail v4.2 MUI version will automatically be given
free upgrade thru email.  If you have not gotten your free upgrade please
contact Toysoft Development Inc.  All other registered users of Air Mail
can upgrade to Air Mail Pro MUI or ClassAct version for $15.00 US plus
$5.00 US for shipping and handling in North America and $7.00 US for
shipping and handling worldwide.  Also contact Toysoft Development Inc.
for competitive upgrades.

For more information please contact:

Toysoft Development Inc.
131 - 64 Ave N. W.
Calgary  Alberta
T2K 0L9 Canada

Tel: 1-403-680-1656

Danny Wong
Toysoft Development Inc.