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For Immediate Release

RBProductions are pleased to announce the Scientific Amigan website:

Scientific Amigan - Dedicated to scientific and technical use of the Amiga

The Scientific Amigan website offers software, links and articles of
interest to the technical Amiga user.  The website is constantly being
expanded to include:

o The full contents of the origninal Scientific Amigan disk library, plus
  new additions.

o The full text of each Scientific Amigan magazine published, available for
  download (PostScript), on-line (HTML) reading, or hardcopy order.

o Information on technical uses of the Amiga throughout the world.

o Information and links regarding hardware and applications of interest to
  the technical Amiga user.

Technical computing is much more than programming; Data acquisition,
scientific computation, system simulation, modeling and
analysis,statistical analysis, home automation and robotics...  the
potential technical uses of the versatile Amiga platform abound.

Originally billed as The Key to Technical Productivity With Your Amiga and
published by Walt Lounsbery, Scientific Amigan suspended publication in
August, 1995.

RBProductions have secured the rights to republish the Scientific Amigan
material (Walter A.  Lounsbery retains the original copyright).

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