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Incontro Programmatori Internazionali Sistemi Alternativi
International Programmers' Meeting for the Development of Alternative
Seventh Edition
Call for Papers

November 1997 - Milano, Italy

IPISA is an annual meeting autonomously organized by a group of computer
science professionals.  Until last year, it used to focus on programming
and applications for the Amiga line of computers.

Starting with this edition the meeting is open to projects, experiences and
products which have been developed on the following platforms: Amiga, BeOS,
GNU, Inferno, Java, Linux, NetBSD, Network Computer, OpenStep, TeX, X11,
Internet, etc.

As in the previous events, it will be possible to discuss research programs
or job contacts with people otherwise difficult to reach.

The organizers invite authors to submit proposals in the form a short and
detailed abstract, which is to be received by June 15, 1997.  Papers to be
published in the proceedings can be accompained by a public talk by the
author (depending on his or her will).  The papers can be submitted in
English or in Italian.

If the author desires to personally exhibit his or her work, it is
necessary to specify the estimated duration of the talk.  Authors will
receive confirmation of their participation by July 1, 1997, and will have
to send the complete papers and related software by October 1, 1997.

The exact date, place and subscription instructions for the Conference will
be disclosed in future press releases.

IPISA is a non-profit event and subscription costs are aimed to cover the

Surface Mail
(preferred for papers submission)

c/o Sergio Ruocco
via Di Vittorio 4
I-20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)

Internet: (Sergio Ruocco)