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Release of SViewNG powerUP (TM) modules

Registered users of SuperView/SViewNG have been informed that optional
powerUP (TM) plugin modules for SuperView-Library are available now.
Official release date is 1st June 1997.

The PPC module plugin package does include at least 26 PPC plugin modules
for existing SuperView-Library SVObjects and SVOperators, as well as
commonly shared support functions.

New modules are currently under development and are going to be added to
the release package when available, so the module count may be permanently

As an example, how operations are to be speeded up by powerUP (TM) PPC
plugin modules, we took a 716x580 sized 24 Bit graphics and turned it by
125.3 degrees with SuperView- Library's "RotateFree" operator, which makes
heavy use of integer and floating point operations as well as various
transient math functions.

 Here are the measured times:

   CyberStorm 060/50                ca. 21 seconds
   CyberStorm 060/50 plus 603e/150  ca.  2 seconds

This obviously is more than 10 times faster.  Actually it's more, since we
a) rounded the times up (it must have been around 1 second, actually) and
b) there had not been much 64 Bit RAM on the CyberStorm board.  The
operation perhaps mainly took place on the slow A4000 motherboard RAM...

The optional PPC plugin modules are available now for registered users -
for a fee, which is equal to the normal SViewNG registration fee.  Some
commercial programs, which offer licensed SuperView- Library support, will
probably be shipped with these modules later on, too.  There will also
follow module packages with exclusive add-ons for specific commercial