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The VideoTurtle is a video-convertor product.  It converts RGB known as TV
RGB, 15.7 KHz, into S-Video.

So many systems use TV RGB Monitors as their primary display.  Slight
problem, though!  TV RGB Monitors are no longer made for general consumer
use.  The choice for us has been to either buy a used monitor, or somehoew
use a regular TV.  Not much of a choice is it?

VideoTurtle, from Turtle Enterprises, gives you a better choice, and in
many cases, even better than the old monitor!  By taking the output from
your home computer/video games system, attaching a cable to the
VideoTurtle, and an S-Video cable to the S-Video TV, you are ready to go! 
Plug and Play!

Some systems come with TV RGB but with distinctions, and VideoTurtle can
handle that with mere jumper changes!  All in all, no software drivers to
load, or certain video modes to use, to utilize the VideoTurtle!

Tex Comp Ltd is the authorized distributer of the VideoTurtle. To order
call (800)846-3474. Technical help from Turtle Enterprises is (818)967-3341! 
The price of the VideoTurtle is $149.95. Shipping is 4 weeks. 

For more information, mail