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IMAGINE 6 features:

 * New GUI..Up to date with the present OS

 * Inverse Kinematics

 * New Preferences Editor

 * Optimized for the 040 and 060

 * PPC support

 * New Special FX:
    Jiggle.. Make objects behave like jello
    Jitter.. Make the camera shake like something big hit the ground

 * New Textures

 * Linear Fog Fall off

 * New Staging functions to make character animation very easy

 * Animating Deform Tool

 * Free Form 2d Spline Editor with PS font support

 * New & Improved lens flare options

 * Volumetric light sources

 * JPEG file support

 * ASL file requester support

 * New Complete Electronic Manual with interactive index

 * Free Technical www support

 * (this is only a partial list)

Registered Imagine-Amiga users:
Subscribe to the Amiga Constant Upgrade Program (CUP) for only $100.  You
will receive no less than 4 updates over the next 12 months.  If you have
web-access, you will have access to more frequent updates.  You will be
given a user-name & password to access the new code.

When Imagine6 is finished, the price will be $200 so it's advantageous to
register with the CUP program.

If you don't presently own Imagine:
You can purchase Imagine5.0 for $100.  Once you're registered, you can
enroll in the CUP program for Imagine6.0.  You won't find a better 3D
program at this price!

You're not sure about Imagine?:
Check  You can download a FREE demo version of
Imagine.   You should have an FPU.

The webpage also features: tutorials, free objects, current information,
cool artwork & animations.

How to reach IMPULSE?:

  Impulse, Inc.
  8416 Xerxes Avenue North
  Minneapolis, Minnesota 55444

  In Canada or USA:       1-800-328-0184
  Elsewhere in the world: 1-612-425-0557

  FAX: 1-612-425-0701



The future of the Amiga rests on you and Impulse.  Impulse will do their
best to continue writing the kind of 3D software that has made Imagine the
leader for over 8 years.  Your support is necessary to continue to make
this possible.