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*****Are you aware of the newest UK Amiga paper magazine?*****

MediaSoft Magazines have recently released issue four of Amiga Review, the
mail-order only, value for money magazine that covers all aspects of the
Amiga market, from games to DTP and programming.

The latest issue features interviews with Larry Hickmott at LH Publishing,
Sadeness Software, Red When Excited (the people behind Blitz Bombers) and
Pure Amiga (the Amiga web site), as well as reviews of PageStream,
Drawstudio, Burn Out, and previews of Myst, Nemac and Worms.

The main cover feature this issue is the complete guide to writing music
with your Amiga.  We take a look at how bedroom bands such as White Town
have managed to top the charts by writing on budget equipment from their
bedrooms, and how you could do it too using your Amiga. 

Continuing our aim to constantly improve and better Amiga Review, the
magazine has now been split into five sections, each with their own look:

- Seriously Amiga, containing all the serious news, features and reviews
- Amiga Gamer, containing all the gaming content
- Amiga Interview, this speaks for itself!
- Amiga Opinion, reader opinions, and letters including columns such as
  Rant and Objects of Desire, as well as company columns from Mutation
  and Vulcan Software
- Amiga Aspects, at the back of the magazine, a regular column dedicated to
  every aspect of Amiga usage, from music to ARexx, the WWW, comms and
  art and graphics.

Amiga Review is growing stronger with every issue and will be here to stay.
MediaSoft Magazines have just initiated a large marketing campaign to
increase awareness and readership of the magazine, and are negotiating with
Crystal Software & Distributions in the Netherlands to provide distribution
throughout Europe, the USA and Australia.

We have found a market niche in mail order publications, our A5 titles cut
production costs by half, meaning cheaper cover prices and lower
advertising rates all benefitting the end reader.

We are now also supporting an individual charity for each one of our
magazines.  Amiga Review has chosen to support ChildLine, the UK Charity
which provides a 24 hour freephone line for children in trouble or danger.

We believe firmly in the Amiga computer, and we use nothing but Amigas to
produce our publications in house.  We are soon to release The Noise, a
music magazine and, aimed at the internet, both of which will be
produced on Amigas.  The Amiga has been down, but it's coming back

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list you will receive a
complimentary copy of every issue of Amiga Review from issue four onwards,
please e-mail your site name and snail address to

*******EXCHANGE BANNERS FOR FREE! Increase our hits together!*******

Amiga Review has also just been updated on MediaNet, our electonic zine
that features daily news, and all our publications on line. 


Features, interviews, news, and reviews can all be found on-line.  We are
now taking the internet version of AR as seriously as the paper version.

As part of our marketing campaign, we want to link with as many other Amiga
sites as possible, through banner exchanging.  It's simple: you place our
banner on your site, and we'll place yours on ours.

Simply fill out the form on the advertising section of MediaNet - it will
take you under a minute to do.

We are initiating a marketing campaign on MediaNet on the 15th June.  This
will include advertising it on Yahoo!, within some of the major Amiga and
Internet magazines, and of course, links to related sites.

-----> Watch out for our news on our Internet Clean Up Campaign soon.

**ALSO!  Make sure you keep us up to date with your latest developments.  
If you have products for review, press releases, reader offers or any other
proposals please contact the editor, David Pettifer
( or deputy editor, Matt Parsons
(  We'll be pleased to hear from you. 

This message was from DAVID PETTIFER at MediaSoft Magazines.

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