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MidiTracker V1.1


Sven Thoennissen
Karlsgraben 35
52064 Aachen
Germany (if the other email doesn't work)


MidiTracker is a MIDI sequencer that uses the 'tracker' concept for
composing songs, hence the name.  :-) Unlike other tracker programs that
have MIDI capabilities, MidiTracker has been designed specifically for MIDI
composing and does not use Amiga audio (except for the metronome).  If you
have used trackers before, then it shouldn't take you too long to get
accustomed to MidiTracker.

The intention with MidiTracker is to keep everything as dynamic as possible
thus giving you more freedom and control over your MIDI data within a
tracker environment.  For example, have you ever had the problem of wanting
to realtime record pitchbend, modulation, aftertouch and sustains but the
tracker either didn't get the notes properly or wasn't capable of doing so?
MidiTracker can do it.


Important changes since 1.0:

- Keyboard Actions Window (trigger transport-controls via synth)
- Import OctaMED MMD1 modules.
- Import GM-type-1 files (SMF).
- The Stacker/Remapper is not disabled if MT is unregistered.
  People asked me and wanted to test the MIDI-thru feature so
  here it is.
- Block-randomize function (in Block-menu).
- Tempo BPM values from 1-27 are also allowed.
- SysEx Editor
- MIDI In/Out Filter
- New Score window layout, looks like a timeline now.


- Kick 2.04, better 3.0+
- 68020 with fastram would be good
- MIDI interface plus equipment (e.g. synthesizer, keyboard)
  strongly recommended for composing


MidiTracker is available on all Aminet sites, eg.

It is also available at its support mailbox in Germany:
Corona BBS, Sysop is Mathias Frankenbach.
+49 241 39164USR V34+
24846V34 Zyxel D
4090012 V34 Zyxel 2864ID (ISDN + V34)
4090013 ISDN Master
Login: MidiTracker
Password: MidiTracker


Shareware DM 50,- or US $35.00 or AUS $45 (at the Australian Registration


MidiTracker is Shareware.  The archive as provided by myself may not be
altered.  It can be distributed everywhere if it's free of charge.
MidiTracker is (c) Copyright 1996-1997 Sven Thoennissen.