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                           News & Press Releases

 Phase5 Expands PowerUP   Now with A2000, 040/060+PPC A1200 cards!

  PC-Task 4.2 Available   PC emulation, now with FPU support

   AHI Audio System R4    The AHI RTG Audio package

   AHI Extra Utilities    Support and third-party AHI utils

   DirOpus 5 Magellan     New enhancements over DirOpus 5.5

  Legacy and Deathbed     The videomag to feature Haynie's documentary

 Deathbed Vigil Returns   IAM re-releases Haynie's documentary

  Gateway at WOA Video    Video for sale of Gateway's press conference

 Australian Show Update   The latest list of who's attending

  ClickBOOM Conversions   Check out ClickBOOM's Wish List!

   Scientific Amigan      Scientific Amigan is back!

      AWeb-II V3.0        AWeb gets bigger and better

 IPISA Call For Papers    The November developer conference

  Amiga Review Issue 4    MediaSoft announces Amiga Review #4

  Imagine 6 Announced     Impulse continues the 3D development

 Imagine 6 Feature List   Imagine to get 060 and PowerPC support!

   Personal Paint 7.1     New features and bonuses in free upgrade    The Informer launches a new site

 Opportunity w/Learning   The educational publisher moves

 Amiga Informer Changes   Magazine expands, free distribution cut

 System Test Utility V8   Hardware diagnostic software

     CheckHTML V1.2       Verifies HTML 3.2 standards in documents

 Games Master System .6   Latest version of the gamebuilding package

     fMSX Amiga 1.4       Expanded MSX2 support in this version

   BattleDuel 1.6.96      New version of the Artillery game

   AAA Awards Release     Vote for Amiga excellence

    MCC-Install 43.8      Installer for MUI custom classes

      MCCLib 12.1         Basis library for writing MUI custom classes

      Visage 39.14        Picture viewer with emphasis on speed

   HotListHandler 1.10    Share hotlists between browsers

    F1GP-Editor 3.32      Newest version of Formula 1 editor

    MidiTracker V1.1      MIDI sequencer with tracker paradigm

   Eucalyptus V1 Alpha    New e-mail reader for AmigaOS

     Amiga Elm 10.12      AmigaOS port of the UNIX mailreader

     SoundStage Pro       New revision of pro audio board

      Atlantis 1.1        Editor for 2-d block game maps

   LotsaBlankers 1.01     Add-on/replacement for Garshneblanker

  6809e Emulator V1.01    Emulates the 6809e CPU

        PEEK_POKE         Bash around hardware from the shell

  Same Difference 1.01    Compare and change two text files

        SMT 2.31          Play samples from a MIDI (or Amiga) keyboard

    Anarchy Software      New Amiga development team announced

  wfmhcybergfx_r3d.lib    Support library for Real3D under CGX

      VideoTurtle         Take Amiga-style RGB signals to S-video

SViewNG PowerUP Modules   SView-library to go PowerPC

      McFiler 4.4         Track and catalog floppy files

GamaSoft Dealer Alliance  Program for dealer product support

PPaint 7 PowerPC Library  PPaint 7 can use PPC cards for blitting

   DirOpus 5 Magellan     GPSoft outlines the latest upgrade

AirMail Pro from Toysoft  The e-mail reader with MUI or ClassAct

Amiga Industrial Council  New non-profit grassroots outreach

 Report from amicrawler   Amiga browser market share data!

      STFax 1.360         Shareware Amiga fax program

 SBase4Pro Upgrade Deal   New revision, upgrades for all users

 Sagittarius Price Drop   Vulcan distributor lowers prices

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