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         [  AudioLab16R2: digital audio NL-editing/DSP software ]

For  more  informations about  the  AudioLab16R2 family  of products please
e-mail to:

AudioLab16R2 is a professional digital audio postproduction application for
platforms  running  AmigaOS-compatible  operating systems (currently Amigas
and Dracos).

Featuring  over  4MB  of  optimized  source  code, more than 70 windows and
hundreds  of controls, AudioLab16R2 is the largest audio processing/editing
system ever developed for AmigaOS.

Different  versions  are  available  for  every  ZII/ZIII  audio  boards in
production  or,  if  you don't have a board yet, the standard Amiga chipset
(Standard version only) (1):

      Hardware         AudioLab Version

    - SoundStagePro    AudioLabR2-SoundStage
    - SoundStage       AudioLabR2-SoundStage
    - DelfinaPro       AudioLabR2-Delfina
    - Delfina          AudioLabR2-Delfina
    - DelfinaLite      AudioLabR2-Delfina
    - Prelude          AudioLabR2-Prelude
    - Toccata          AudioLabR2-Standard
    - Maestro          AudioLabR2-Standard (2)
    - DracoAudio       AudioLabR2-Standard
    - AmigaAudio       AudioLabR2-Standard

(1) Every version supports direct read/write access to Studio16 audio files
    for use with the AD516/AD1012 boards by Sunrize.   You  can  apply  DSP
    operators to your Studio16 files and get the processed material written
    back to disk while preserving SMPTE timecode informations.

(2) Maestro driver not available yet. Every other driver is available NOW.

Using AudioLab16 it's possible to exchange 16bit formatted audio files with
the following hard disk recording software:

      Program                                Platform 

    - Audioshop         (Opcode Systems)        MAC   
    - Cubase Audio      (Steinberg)             MAC   
    - Deck II           (OSC)                   MAC   
    - Digital Performer (Mark Of The Unicorn)   MAC   
    - Digitrax          (Alaska Software)       MAC   
    - Logic Audio       (Emagic)                MAC   
    - Pro Tools         (Digidesign)            MAC   
    - Session 8 Mac     (Digidesign)            MAC   
    - SoftSplice        (Digital Expressions)   MAC   
    - Sonic System      (Sonic Solutions)       MAC   
    - Sound Designer II (Digidesign)            MAC    
    - SoundEdit16       (Macromedia)            MAC   
    - Studio Vision     (Opcode Systems)        MAC   
    - Cubase Audio PC   (Steinberg)             PC    
    - FastEddie         (Digital Audio Labs)    PC    
    - MicroSound        (Micro Technology)      PC    
    - SADiE Disk Editor (Studio Audio and Video)PC    
    - SAW               (I.Q.S.)                PC    
    - Session 8 PC      (Digidesign)            PC    
    - SSHDR1 HDRecorder (Soundscape Digital T.) PC    
    - Techno Lab        (Digital Manager)       PC    
    - The EdDitor Plus  (Digital Audio Labs)    PC    
    - Quad              (Turtle Beach)          PC    
    - Wave for Windows  (Turtle Beach)          PC    
    - Producer          (Applied Magic)        AMIGA  
    - Studio16          (Sunrize)              AMIGA  
    - Samplitude        (Sek'd)                AMIGA

The  following manifacturers  are  technical partners,  providing  official
drivers and accepting orders:

    - Applied Magic Inc.  USA      (AudioLab16R2-SoundStage only)
    - Petsoff L.P.        FINLAND  (AudioLab16R2-Delfina only)
    - A.C.T.              GERMANY  (AudioLab16R2-Prelude only)

AudioLab16R2 on the WWW (official sites):


AudioLab16R2 on AR (technical details):

    - issue 503
    - issue 504

AudioLab16R2 is  sponsor  of  AmigaReport  and  "The Amiga Audio Cards" WWW
site (