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    VWM - Virtual Window Manager


    1.4 (25-Mar-97) (second public release)


    Bahman Moallem

    World Wide Web:


VWM, the virtual screen aware window manager, is a small, fast, and system
friendly virtual screen aware program that gives you 100% control over
windows' positions.

VWM features 2 ways of defining the new location for the target window,
setting an absolute or relative position (Co-ordinate Positioning) or using
a preset positioning technique usually related to the mouse position
(Preset Positioning Techniques).

  VWM can force your programs to:

  - open their windows in absolute positions related to the start
    point (0x0) of the active screen.

  - open their windows in absolute positions but related to the
    point (0x0) of the "active part" of the screen (for virtual

  - center their windows under the mouse pointer (FollowMouse).

  - locate their windows under the mouse pointer but respect the
    view, that is to locate the windows far enough away from the
    closest edges of the visible screen but still under the mouse
    pointer (RespectView).

    FollowView(TM), known as RespectView in VWM, is Copyright (c)
    1993-1997 Bahman Moallem and was first introduced in MagicWords,
    the multilingual word translator for the Amiga
    back in 1993.

  - open their windows in the center of the visible part of the
    screen (CenterWindow).

  - open their windows in the corner of the visible part of the
    screens which is farthest away from the mouse pointer position

  And much more.


  -  New keyword 'DestinationOpenDelay'.
     If, for any reason, you want to delay the window opening, you
     can use this optional 'destination definiton' keyword.

  -  Empty lines in the VWM configuration file are considered
     comment lines and will be ignored.

  -  Improved error trapping in VWM configuration file.

  -  Minor clean up of the code.


    AmigaOS 2.04 or better.


    VWM version 1.4 (app. 34 KB) is available on Aminet, e.g.

    or in the author's WWW site:




    VWM is freely distributable so long as all files accompanying
    the VWM package remain intact and unchanged.
    Unlimited non-commercial use is encouraged.
    VWM is Copyright (c) 1995-1997 Bahman Moallem.